Questions and Answers Regarding RDC's 2021 Season.

Questions and Answers Regarding RDC's 2021 Season.

Changes Regarding 2021 Reservations

To provide our guests with the safest environment and make the necessary adjustments to the latest COVID-19 protocols, we have decided to open our regular guest season starting WEEK 2, June 19-26.  We have also made the following changes:

Cottage Point Person

  • We are asking for a Point Person from each cottage and email addresses and phone numbers for all guests 18 years of age and older. Both will be used for communicating important information and contact tracing if necessary.  The Point Person is responsible for submitting the Guest Contact Form with this information prior to arrival.

Staggered arrival Days

  • Deephaven guests will arrive and depart on Saturday
  • Rockywold guests will arrive and depart on Sunday

Adjusted Arrival and Departure times

  • Check-in 5 p.m.
  • Check-out 10 a.m.

Q&A Regarding 2021 Reservations

How will reservations be booked this year?

When reservation bookings begin on March 1st, the order in which reservations will be placed is as follows:

  1. All "priority" guests.
  2. Guests with the most "seniority credit," to guests with the least seniority credit. (Additional credit is given to guests requesting two or more consecutive weeks in the same accommodation.)

If the accommodation requested is available, Becky or Alana will call you to go over the NEW Things to Know for the 2021 season. An offer letter will be sent requesting a 20% deposit.  If we receive your deposit within 30 days from the date of the offer letter your reservation will be confirmed.  If the accommodation requested is not available, and no alternatives exist you may be put on the waiting list.  Please make sure to provide us with current phone numbers and email addresses.

Why are we not opening to regular guests until Week 2?

For the safety of our guests and staff, we are only allowing conferences and weddings until June 19th.


Do I need to send a new Reservation Request Form even if I left my deposit with RDC?

Yes! To give yourself the best opportunity to receive the cottage of your choice, send in your reservation request form as soon as possible.


What are my options if I am unable to come in 2021 and left my deposit in 2020?

We will be happy to hold your deposit for a future reservation, or you may request a refund by filling out the Refund Deposit FormIf you have a deposit on hold and request a refund, the 2020 seniority point will be removed.


Are we offering any discounts this year?

We will not be offering any discounts for the 2021 season.


How will seniority points and priorities be handled this year?

Due to limited capacity and travel restrictions, seniority points will not be awarded and priorities will not be lost or gained in 2021.


What is the cancellation policy for 2021?

The cancellation policy for 2021 is as follows:

  • Reservations canceled prior to May 31 will be refunded 50% of the deposit.
  • Reservations canceled after May 31 and prior to a month of expected arrival will lose the 20% deposit.
  • Reservation canceled within one month of expected arrival will be responsible for 50% of the total bill if the resulting vacancy is not filled.
  • Reservations canceled within two weeks of expected arrival will be responsible for 100% of the total bill if the resulting vacancy is not filled.
  • Extenuating circumstances due to COVID-19 will be taken into consideration.


How are Greenwood Lodge & Long House being booked this year?

We have decided to rent both lodges, in their entirety, at a weekly 10- person rate per week for our 2021 season.  These buildings will be exclusive to the reservations that are booked during the season. At this time, Rock Office rooms will not be offered as guest accommodations. Reservation requests for both lodges will be booked through the usual reservation process.

Q&A Regarding 2021 Operations

Will Camp be operating at full capacity?

The capacity at which Camp will be able to open remains fluid.  Exact plans are still being developed and we will adapt, if necessary, as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations change.  A great deal hinges on the number of American staff we are able to hire, since we are unsure if we will be able to secure international staff.


Are daily visitors allowed this summer?

All our guests will be asked to comply with RDC’s health and safety guidelines prior to their arrival.  For this reason, we strongly discourage daily visitors for this summer.  A daily visitor is anyone outside of the family unit assigned to a cottage or accommodation.


Are we going to request proof of a COVID-19 vaccine from our guests and staff?

At this time, we are not requiring staff or guests to have proof of vaccination, unless related to quarantine requirements.


Are masks required?

Out of respect for our unvaccinated guests, especially children, we ask all guests and staff to wear masks in shared indoor common areas.


What safety measures will be required of our guests?

  • A designated Point Person for each cottage, email addresses and phone numbers for all guests 18 years of age and older is required prior to arrival. These will be used for communicating important information to guest families, and contract tracing if needed.
  • We will require a Symptom Screening, and Liability Waiver to be signed upon arrival. Please review these forms prior to arrival at
  • We are asking all guests to follow physical distancing and mask guidelines if interacting with individuals outside their family unit and in common areas.
  • All guests should practice excellent hand hygiene while at Camp. This is especially important before entering common areas or the dining halls.
  • If you have been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been recently exposed, we ask that you postpone your visit.


What safety measures will be required of our staff?

  • A PCR test within 72 hours prior to arriving at Camp and again after their arrival.
  • A Liability Waiver  will be signed upon arrival.
  • All staff will be screened daily.
  • Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be worn by all staff members.
  • Department supervisors will conduct safety meetings on a weekly basis.
  • All food and beverage staff will follow Serv-Safe guidelines.
  • All staff will practice excellent hand hygiene while at camp.

It is important that our guests and staff comply with these measures in order to ensure the highest standards of safety for RDC and its community.


What will be different about the dining room experience?

NEW for this year, we will be providing a variety of grilled and cold food options on the Ball Field for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   Covered seating, picnic tables and chairs will also be provided.  There will be no assigned mealtimes for this location.  We ask that young children are supervised at all times by an adult.


Breakfast and dinner will be a take-out buffet served by our staff in the Rockywold Dining Hall with lunch served in the Deephaven Dining Hall.  This will allow our staff additional time to sanitize between meals.  Limited seating will only be available for guests with mobility issues.  We will be offering two separate mealtimes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Guests will be asked to choose their mealtimes when their reservation is made.  Adhering to these mealtimes will help assist us in maintaining the physical distance guidelines.


What changes will there be in Housekeeping?

We will be adhering to CDC guidelines and focusing on appropriate cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Our staff will be trained in enhanced cleaning routines and methods.  We will also be following applicable standards, protocols and instructions of the federal and local health authorities, concentrating on these specific details:

  • In efforts to follow proper physical distancing, daily services will not be offered. The cottage will be fully stocked and additional items can be requested by contacting the Camp Office.
  • Guests will be asked to separate used sheets and towels upon departure and bag them using the green nylon bags provided. Linen bags can be left inside the cottage.
  • EPA-certified cleaning products and disinfectants that are CDC compliant will be used.
  • Developing operational practices and standards, with increased disinfection of high touch areas and public spaces.
  • Protective encasements will be placed on mattresses, box springs, and pillows.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed at prominent guest and employee
  • PPE will be worn by all employees and training on how to properly use and dispose of PPE will be mandatory. Each department will have a PPE station that will include disposable masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.
  • Electrostatic sprayers will be used for touchless disinfecting.


What recreational activities will be offered?

We will continue to evaluate the activities RDC traditionally offers to its guests to determine their risk level as they relate to the current safety and health guidelines.  Our tennis, pickleball, and basketball courts will be available for family use along with kayak tours, tie dye, outdoor yoga and a variety of evening presentations.

Due to limited staff and physical distancing guidelines, we are unable to offer Wee Campers this year.


What changes will there be in the Camp Office?

The office staff will be placing top priority on creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone.  A staff member will contact guests prior to their arrival, by email or phone, to confirm their guest list and requests. We ask that only the Point Person for each cottage enter the office to check-in and check-out.  During your stay, please limit your visits to the office and contact us by phone or through email for any questions or requests.  Your Point Person may pick up your bill after 4 p.m. on the day before your departure.


What changes will there be at Zodiac and the Store?

Zodiac (RDC’s convenience store)

Zodiac will continue to offer sundries, snack items, fishing supplies and café beverages.  Hand sanitizers will be available at the entrance, masks or face coverings will be required and we will limit the number of guests according to New Hampshire state  guidelines.

Families will be able to sign-up for the pool table or ping-pong tables in Zodiac’s game room.  We ask that sign-ups be limited to individual family units.  All equipment will be sanitized after each use.


The Store will be open for guests to purchase new and classic RDC apparel along with a variety of gift items including custom glassware, blankets and jewelry.  Hand sanitizers will be available at each entrance, masks or face coverings will be required and we will limit the number of guests according to state  guidelines.  If you would like to purchase items through our online Camp Store during your stay, we would be happy to provide pick-up or cottage delivery.


What changes will there be for Boat rentals?

Saturday and Sunday changeover days will be busy for the Boathouse.  Please review your weekly boat requests prior to your arrival and make any changes in advance.  Daily boat rentals will not be available on Saturdays or Sundays.  Same day boat requests during the week need to be reserved by 10:00 a.m. that morning.  Boats, life jackets and paddles will be cleaned prior to delivery.

Boat gas will be provided at the Rock Main Dock Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  Boat gas will not be available on weekends, so please plan ahead.

Masks or face coverings and physical distancing are required during boat deliveries, pick-ups, and also when purchasing boat gas.


What changes will there be with Maintenance and Outside Crew?

Firewood and ice will be delivered on a daily basis.  We ask that you remain physically distanced from our outdoor crew and maintenance staff during deliveries or for any repairs required in your cottage during your stay.

We will continue to keep guests updated through social media, RDC’s website and emails as we get closer to the opening of Camp.  Please check periodically for updates.





Please take a minute to read RDC's NEW Things to Know, before coming to RDC for your 2021 stay.

Find Out More

Point Persons

The Point Person for each cottage is required to fill out a Guest Contact Form for all guests 18 years of age and older in their party prior to arrival. We are asking for their email addresses and phone numbers. These will be used to communicate Camp information and contact tracing if needed. The Guest Contact Form can be completed and submitted online or printed out to be filled in by hand and mailed to RDC. RDC requires this contact information prior to your arrival at RDC.

Download Guest Contact Form

Fill out Guest Contact Form on-line

Additional Documents

The following documents will  be presented at check-in to the Cottage Point Person. Signatures will be required for all guests in the party 18 years of age and older collected by the Point Person and returned to the office prior to the first meal.

Symptoms Screening

Liability Waiver

Guidance for out of state visitors:

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