It was quiet at camp this summer and we missed you!

Thank you for all your messages of encouragement and support these past months. We have been touched and amazed by the number of offers from guests and shareholders to donate funds to help address Camp’s financial circumstances. Some have offered to have us keep their 2020 deposit as a gift; one family said their children asked if they could send RDC their allowance; and others have called or written, asking “I’d like to help; tell me how”.

We realized we needed an answer to these questions and so building on a guest idea, we’re excited to launch the RDC Forever Fund. Contributions to this fund will go towards supporting RDC’s yearly operating expenses to preserve Camp and our cottages as well as projects that help continue RDC’s longtime traditions such as the annual ice harvest and calendar mailing.   

In exchange for your contribution to the RDC Forever Fund, we’d like to offer a unique gift in return that we hope reflects our deep gratitude.

Choose one of these limited-edition, specially-designed tokens of our thanks:

Contributions of $50 and up

RDC Forever t-shirt
(youth & adult sizes available)


Contributions of $250 and up

RDC Forever routed cottage sign.  The wood used for these signs came from trees that grew on camp property.




Contributions of $1,000 and up

Commemorate a loved one! We plan to create an RDC Forever Friends recognition display in The Commons archive center, for your gifts of $1,000 or more. Please indicate the name of who you’d like the gift to honor or be in memory of, or if you’d like it to be anonymous.


Please reach out if you have any questions about these opportunities. Contributions we’ve already received, and those we receive through this effort, will be set aside in the RDC Forever Fund to help maintain camp traditions as we also address the revenue gap caused by the Camp's closure due to the virus.  Please note that contributions to RDC are not tax-deductible.

These challenging times have brought so many rays of hope, especially those we’ve seen through the expressions of deep loyalty and love for RDC. Together, we’ll see that the Camp continues to offer families lifelong memories for generations to come.