Reservation Requests

Reservation Requests

To give yourself the best opportunity to receive the cottage and dates of your choice, please submit your reservation request form before February 15, 2024.

Please be sure to read our Reservation Information before filling out this form. When filling out the reservations request form, be sure to be as complete and thorough as possible. This will help RDC find the best way to accommodate you on your vacation!

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Deephaven Cottage and Lodge Floorplans

Click on the cabin name to open a floorplan to help in making your reservations.

The T indicates a twin-bedded room (or 2 twin sized beds); S are single-bedded rooms (or 1 twin bed); daybeds in living rooms and/or porches are noted with a D; and Q indicates a queen-bedded room. In keeping with RDC tradition, all beds are twin-sized (except for Deep End and Wayonda). Guests are welcome to push beds together!
Cottage Beds Map
Greenlaw 1T-1D 70
Sunny Bank 1S-1D 79
Bungalow 1T-1D 81
Morningside 1T-1D 95
The Hut 1T-1D 103
Oakridge 1T-1D 104
Cottage Beds Map
Hamilton 1T-1S-1D 71
Sunny Ridge 1T-1S-1D 74
Studio 1T-1S-1D 76
Cottage Beds Map
By the Way 2T-1D 72
Park 2T-1D 89
Rusch 2T-1D 90
Birdsall 2T-1S-1D 96
Shadow Pines 2T-1D 100
Cottage Beds Map
Porter's Lodge 2T-1 Triple 69
Point of View 2T-1S-1D 80
Ark 2T-1S-1D 84
Bell Tower 3T-1D 87
Maurer 3T 92
Ewing 3T-1D 94
Havenwood 3T-1D 101
Wayonda 1Q-3T-1D 110
Cottage Beds Map
Summit 3T-2S-1D 73
Brown Betty 3T-1S-1D 75
Ondawa 3T-2S 77
Sommers 3T-2S-1D 86
Port O'Pines 4T-1D 88
Easterleigh 4T-1S-1D 99
High Pines 4T-1D 102
Deep End 1Q-3T-2D 111
Cottage Beds Map
Eldorado 6T-1S-2D 83
Brae Cove 5T-1S-3D 105
Cottage Beds Map
Long House 24 78

Rockywold Cottage and Lodge Floorplans

Click on the cabin name to open a floorplan

Cottage Beds Map
Shore Edge 1T-2D 4
Backlog 1T-2D 56
Shelter 1T-1D 57

Cottage Beds Map
Nuthatch 2T-1D 14
Honeymoon 1T-1S-1D 16

Cottage Beds Map
Sugarbush 2T-2D 2
Hemlock Lodge 2T-2D 10
Sheltering Pines 2T-1D 12
West Water 2T-2D 13
We Two 2T-1D 15
Buffum 2T-1D 53
Over Yonder 2T-4D 58

Cottage Beds Map
Haskell 3T-3D 6
Montvert 4T 11
Shingle Blessedness 3T-1D 18
House of Tudor 2T-1S-1D 49
Ishnana 3T-1D 51
Peter Pan 2T-1S-1D 52

Cottage Beds Map
Mapleshade 4T-3D 3
Satis 4T-3D 8
Ardenwood 5T 9
Kilkare 4T-3D 20
Cliffside 5T-1S-2D 54
Point Comfort 4T-2D 55
Pine Ledge 4T-2D 59
Everest 4T-3S-1D 60

Cottage Beds Map
Cragsmere 6T-1S-1D 17
Nirvana 5T-3S-2D 19

Cottage Beds Map
Greenwood Lodge 20 21
Rock Office 9 22

Buffum is a wonderful cottage. The living room is well proportioned and feels very cozy. I read that it is one of the cottages actually built by a family who were frequent visitors which may account for some of its nice feel and special touches. I love the high ceilings, sliding doors and roomy hallway.

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