View from Everest Dock

June 30th and summer is in full swing at RDC.  It is another beautiful day on Squam Lake.  Great weather for boating or hiking!


Here is an RDC Sunfish Sailboat sailing by the Deephaven Long House.  The Long House and Rockywold’s Greenwood Lodge have rooms that can be rented for any number of nights.  You can call RDC at 603-968-3313 to reserve a room and experience the beauty of Squam...

Loons in Bight

A pair of loons have been in and out of the Deephaven Bight for the last two or three days.  Here is a photo of the pair in the Bight:

Loon at Needle Point

I photographed Needle Point looking north to the mountains from an RDC Harbor Master boat in the Deephaven Bight this morning.  I thought to myself that this landscape makes a great photograph, but it would be amazing if a loon was in the foreground.  Less than two...