RDC Forever Fund Donation

Thank you for expressing your interest in contributing to the RDC Forever Fund!

Please complete the form below and send your pledged amount via check to:

Rockywold Deephaven Camps
18 Bacon Rd
Holderness, NH 03245

You'll receive a confirmation e-mail once your pledge is submitted, and we will send your gift once we receive your check in the mail.

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to the RDC Forever Fund.

In exchange for your contribution to the RDC Forever Fund, we’d like to offer unique one-of-a-kind gift in return that we hope reflects our deep gratitude. Please select your gift below based on your contribution amount. If applicable, you may select more than one gift.

If you have any special requests, please indicate them in the notes section.

RDC Forever T-shirt

Unisex Sizes

You may receive 1 shirt for each $50 increment. If you would like to receive multiple shirts, please make note of the quantity in the size box.

RDC Forever Routed Wooden Camp Sign


RDC Forever Recognition Display

Limit 2 names or one family name per $1,000 contribution (i.e. John and Jane Doe or The Doe Family).