2020 Season – Questions & Answers

2020 Season – Questions & Answers




Q. Can you provide more explanation about the decision to not open in 2020? Did you consider a limited scope of operations?

A: We have spent the last three months analyzing how we could adjust operations to offset the risks of COVID19 coming to Camp or being spread at Camp. In a normal season, each dining hall serves approximately 250 guests at every meal. Our cottages are not equipped with kitchens, and do not have the electric capacity to handle refrigerators or microwaves. Hot plates pose a significant fire hazard, and the sinks and plumbing in the cottages are not designed for food waste. We therefore determined that having guests be responsible for their own food was not a realistic option. We consulted with Sodexo, our food supplier, and together we thought of many creative ways to safely provide food service to guests. We considered take-away only options, meal delivery to cottages, as well as staggered seating and reservations.

We assumed we would require masks for guests and employees, that staff would wear additional PPE whenever they were in a space where there was potential cross-contamination, and we would aggressively decontaminate surfaces throughout Camp. We also would have closed all common spaces, like the Playhouse, Zodiac, and playground, and imposed social distancing measures for guests. Community events (softball, frisbee golf, capture the flag, square dance etc.) would be cancelled.

We considered changes big and small, and ultimately understood that we could not guarantee that we could keep COVID19 out of Camp for the entirety of the summer. An outbreak of COVID19 at Camp would pose health risks to the individuals infected and would significantly impact operations in immediate and detrimental ways.

Medical experts and public health departments require individuals who have been exposed to potentially infected individuals to quarantine. Even if we could have hired only locally based New Hampshire staff who lived off campus, those individuals would still be required to stay in quarantine for two weeks after any potential exposure. Recurring quarantining of all staff who may have interacted with infected individuals throughout the summer was an operational hurdle we could not overcome.

We also consulted with people in our local Holderness community, and were cognizant that RDC’s weekly turn-over made the possibility of unintentionally importing COVID19 to our small, rural community more likely. RDC has always taken its position as a leader in the community seriously, and the thought that we could directly harm our friends and neighbors weighed heavily in our decision.



Q. I live in the New England area, is the camp available for day use? For example, could I use the main dock for a swim after a hike?

A: No. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot allow day-use access to any of the camp facilities, docks, etc. We will have staff onsite throughout the summer doing maintenance projects, and for health, safety, and insurance reasons, we cannot have visitors to the property.



Q. Are there any ways I can help support RDC?

A. We are so grateful for the outpouring of support and encouraging messages we have been receiving. If you are a shareholder, the most helpful action will be to review the materials you will be receiving regarding a virtual Special Shareholder Meeting and to be sure to attend that meeting.




Q: Who is eligible for an additional RDC seniority point?

A: Guests who meet ALL of the following conditions are eligible:

  • Guests have elected to allow RDC to apply their 2020 deposit to a 2021 reservation
  • Reservations have been made for 5 nights or more between June 1 and September 18, 2020
  • Guests listed on the 2020 reservation form who are 25 years of age or older
  • Next year’s reservation request form is submitted by February 15, 2021



Q: When will the seniority point be applied?

A: The seniority point will be applied when your 2021 reservation request form has been submitted. Again, please submit your form by February 15, 2021.



Q: If I decide not to apply my deposit toward a 2021 reservation, how long will it take to receive my refund?

A: Refunds will be issued within two weeks of a refund request.



Q: Can I request my deposit back after it has been applied toward a 2021 reservation?

A: Yes, you may request that your deposit be refunded until May 15, 2021. An additional RDC seniority point will not be applied.



Q: Is the additional RDC seniority point permanent or does it apply only for a 2021 reservation?

A: It is a permanent point unless you request that your deposit be refunded by May 15, 2021.



Q: If I have not yet sent in the deposit for my 2020 reservation, can I still send it in and be eligible to receive the additional RDC seniority point?

A: Yes! Please send in your deposit by August 1, 2020.



Q: How will priorities and sabbaticals be handled due to the closure of Camp for the 2020 season?

A: By September 1, 2020, a decision will be made on how to process “priorities” that were obtained and “sabbaticals” that were requested during the 2020 reservation period. Guests will be notified directly of the outcome.



Q: If I apply my deposit toward a 2021 reservation, does this automatically lock me into a new 2021 reservation?

A: No, you will still need to submit a reservation request form, please send this in by February 15, 2021.