RDC Ice Harvest Update - Jan. 29, 2020

We are starting the ice harvest on Wednesday, January 29th at Squaw Cove.  The harvest will continue Thursday, Friday, and possibly Saturday, until Rockywold and Deephaven ice houses are full.

We placed the loading platform, tool shed and Norm's Place (food shed) on the ice and cut a channel for the ice chute.  The ice at the platform was 13" and looks like good quality ice.

Thin Ice signs have been posted at the perimeter, so please stay away from the edges of the ice field until the water on the surface has refrozen.

Parking at Squaw Cove is extremely limited and Metcalf Road is narrow and difficult to pass other vehicles.  If you meet a car or truck on the road, be prepared to back up to a spot that is wide enough to pass.  There is only room for a few cars at a time near the ice and we will have a worker on the road instructing people to park at designated spots unless those spots are full.  If possible, please car pool or meet at RDC and drive with others to limit the number of cars.

If you want to see the Ice House, please stop at the RDC Winter Office (Roswell) and check in with our administrative staff, who will direct you to the Ice House.

  • Bring ice cleats or Stabil-icers to prevent slipping on the roads and ice.

The Ice Harvest

Browse through out gallery below (click on any image to view full size) and get a taste for exactly what goes on during one of our annual Squam Lake - RDC Ice Harvest.

RDC Ice Harvest Videos

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The icing operation at RDC has occurred every year for the last one hundred years. It is important to the camps because it provides the ice which is distributed to the guests during the summer for refrigeration purposes, and because it keeps alive a connection between the camps and the natural environment which surrounds them.

Jim Eckert

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