Icing Sunrise

Sunrise on Icing Day

Hi Folks!
So.. Icing is all finished, I was able to help by running the elevator, a job I really enjoy. Sunrise on the lake was just fabulous! Becky, Kathy & Basia brought us breakfast and goodies and made us lunch every day. They were also very happy to fill special requests.. (butter on OATMEAL?? Who likes that???) Who could ask for more? Sunday night it started to warm up and rain, overnight the roads became pretty darn icy. By Monday morning there was ice everywhere so we sanded the high traffic areas and the temps went up into the low 40’s with lots of rain. By Tuesday morning most of the ice had washed off the roads and we had lost a lot of snow. It almost felt like Spring there for a while. Today it’s bright and sunny. Hope everyone is having a fun and productive winter so far. We’ll talk again soon!