RDC Circa 1940 Video

Here is a video of Rockywold Deephaven Camps (RDC) Circa 1940 from Matt Sherry (part of the Howe Family). Fun to see that things have not changed too much here in almost 75 years!

Squam Lake receives Outside Magazine Travel Award

Outside Magazine gave Squam Lake and Rockywold Deephaven Camps the Runner Up Travel Award for Best Lake in the 2014 Travel Awards. Runner-Up: Squam Lake, New Hampshire Nothing spells summer like a quiet cabin on a lake, and for that sort of leisure, it’s hard to beat...

Squam Ice Harvest Time Lapse

Here is another Time Lapse video of the RDC Ice Harvest on Squam Lake, NH. Squam Ice Harvest 2014 Time Lapse from Eric Morse on Vimeo.