2020 Deposit - Questions & Answers

2020 Deposit - Questions & Answers

Q: Who is eligible for an RDC seniority point?

A: Guests who meet ALL of the following conditions are eligible:

  • Guests have elected to allow RDC to apply their 2020 deposit to a 2021 reservation
  • Reservations have been made for 5 nights or more between June 1 and July 3, 2020
  • Guests listed on the 2020 reservation form that are 25 years of age or older
  • Next year’s reservation request form is submitted by February 15, 2021



Q: When will the seniority point be applied?

A: The seniority point will be applied when your 2021 reservation request form has been submitted. Again, please submit your form by February 15, 2021.



Q: If I decide not to apply my deposit toward a 2021 reservation, how long will it take to receive my refund?

A: Refunds will be issued within two weeks of a refund request.



Q: Can I request my deposit back after it has been applied toward a 2021 reservation?

A: Yes, you may request that your deposit be refunded until May 15, 2021. An additional RDC seniority point will not be applied.



Q: Is the RDC seniority point permanent, or does it apply only for a 2021 reservation?

A: It is a permanent point unless you request that your deposit be refunded by May 15, 2021.



Q: What is the cancellation policy outside of June 1 - July 3, 2020?

A: The cancellation policy for 2020 is as follows:

  • Those cancelling on or before May 31st will receive a full refund.
  • Those cancelling after May 31st and prior to a month of the expected arrival will lose 20% of their deposit regardless of whether a vacancy is filled.
  • Those cancelling within one month of expected arrival will be responsible for 50% of the total bill if the resulting vacancy is not filled.
  • Those cancelling within two weeks of the expected arrival will be responsible for 100% of the total bill if the resulting vacancy is not filled.


Q: May I look into the possibility of rescheduling my June reservation for one later in the 2020 season BEFORE deciding to apply my deposit to 2021 or requesting refund?

A: Yes. Please send an email to rdc@rdcsquam.com with new date/week preferences. Please include “rescheduling from June” in the subject line.  These requests will be processed after May 6th according to seniority.


Q: If I have not yet sent in the deposit for my reservation in June 2020, can I still send it in and be eligible to receive the RDC seniority point?

A: Yes! Please send in your deposit by May 31, 2020.


Please check the RDC website periodically for updates. https://www.rdcsquam.com/rdc-coronavirus/